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EROTIC DENIAL MEME7/3/16 -- W/ EOBARD THAWNE Eobard!Wells has The Flash handcuffed.
The Insomnia Meme7/26/16 -- W/ CISCO RAMON Mr. Ramon finds Barry had blacked out after a run on the treadmill
TFLN7/29/16 -- W/ CAPTAIN COLD Getting Barry to make a random booze run for him
TFLN7/29/16 -- W/ EDDIE THAWNE Eddie obliges to help Barry with a little tape on nipple problem.
TFLN7/30/16 -- W/ EARTH(2)!HARRISON WELLS Wells gives Bar some advice on life and decisions.
TFLN CONT.7/31/16 -- W/ EARTH(2)Harrison Wells tfln cont.
UTTERLY SMITTEN MEME 7/30/16 -- W/ CAPTAIN COLD Snart runs into Barry at Jitters Coffee Shop
TFLN7/31/16 -- W/CISCO Cisco admits he hacked into his best friend's Facebook when Barry was still in his coma. Flirting ensues.


SUBTLE MEME8/2/16 -- W/ EARTH(2)HARRISON WELLS Both are trying to cope post-eobard catastrophe. Awkward silences and mental fuming.
TFLN8/3/16 -- W/ EDDIE THAWNE Barry is eager for eddie to get home.
TFLN 8/5/16 -- W/ EARTH(2) HARRISON WELLS Grumpy no fun Wells reprimands Barry for randomly texting him about all the things he'd do for french fries. He might have gotten Cisco in trouble. Sorry, Buddy.
TFLN 8/5/16 -- W/ CAPTAIN COLD Barry's love life is the topic of discussion. Snart learns the downside of Barry's super speed and Barry challenges the other to flirt with him in person. The Flash soon regrets this.
ANGST MEME 8/9/16 -- W/ CAPTAIN COLD Hopped up on drugs, Leonard Snart finds himself wandering the streets and finding Barry's house. Seeing the state he's in, Barry can't bring it upon himself to turn his frenemy away.

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